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Brev is built on top of FastApi/ (v0.61.0) Starlette and supports much of its API. To dig deeper in request/response, validation and documenation it might be helpful to checkout their docs.

Brev lets you create projects. In each project, you'll find:

  • Endpoints: Code that responds to http requests.
  • Shared Code: Code that can be shared by any endpoint in a project
  • Packages: Installable 3rd party packages from PyPi that can be used in endpoints or shared code
  • Variables: A secure way to use and manage secrets, keys, passwords and is also a good way to manage environment variables or global constants in your code.
  • Storage: A simple key value database. It can be thought of as a persistent dictionary accross requests as its api closely mirrors python's native dict type. It's a great way to build a proof of concept without needing to hook up a database.

Below are full references for Brev components.

Brev DB (storage_context)

The built-in Brev DB, imported as storage_context

Shared Code

Write code accessible by all of your endpoints.

Environment Variables

Use Brev's built-in encrypted secrets/environment variable manager rather than putting your secrets in plain text.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Send SMS text messages, save upload files, and run computer vision inference without any additional setup!

Runtime and Environment

Learn more about your Brev server's runtime and environment.


Understand what limitations exist within a Brev deploy and applicable workarounds.