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Welcome to Brev

Brev is a developer environment handling the infrastructure so you can focus on your code.

The documentation is broken into 4 sections

Tutorials Learning oriented, end-to-end guides on how to build something with Brev. Starting out? This is a good one.
How-To Problem oriented guides to help you figure out something you might be working through.
Reference Information oriented guides to shed light on the underlying systems.
Discussions Understanding oriented guides to shed light on our how and why.

Getting Started With Brev

Install the CLI:

pip install
Please use python version 3.7 or later

Initialize a new Brev project by creating a directory, then running init.

mkdir super-project
cd super-project
brev init

Try creating an endpoint next!

Simply go to the console.

You can use the default project, or create a new project from the project dropdown.

Try creating an endpoint next!

Build something great :)